Off season work out

Sharing my current work out plan, Focusing on growing delts, shoulders, lats ! Excited to see progress! WARNING: this routine was written by me and my husband(CPT) for my specific level of fitness, if you’d like to try it, please pace yourself and start with only 2-3 sets of each exercise. 🙂Read More »


Plyo Leg Day

I have to say I hate cardio with a passion but it is a necessary evil. I try to do a plyometric leg day once a week. I love weight training but sometimes I like to switch it up and surprise my body. Our bodies adapt quickly to routine and that’s when we hit plateaus. Try incorporating different routines and exercises every week to your work outs to avoid plateaus and to keep it fun.

Plyometric training involves exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short time intervals. They usually involve jumping, repetitive bounding, and quick force production. Read More »