In my Kitchen 2

Eating during prep was easy at first now its getting difficult, Only because I’m tired of missing potato’s, bread and the occasional donut. I have to make my meals as exciting as possible so here’s what I’ve been eating.

IMG_3550This was one of my favorites, I made turkey meat balls from 99/1 Jennio ground turkey. Flavored them with Chipotle spice and that’s it. I lay it all on a bed of shredded lettuce as a filler. add some color with yellow peppers and mini tomato’s and it was filling.

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GF Quest Pancake! Low-Carb


Week 6 of prep has been rough and for the first time I started craving things I normally wouldn’t eat like CHEESEBURGERS! anyone who knows me knows I hate cheese burgers, I basically take them apart and would eat the bun separate from the meat, but for some reason a cheese burger with French fries sounds freaking delicious! ever since I went GF I haven’t had one and the low carb days must be getting to my brain! so yesterday I decided I was going to have a pancake and I was going to find a way to make a NO CARB one taste delicious. SUCCESSS thanks to Quest nutrition delicious protein powders. Read More »

PumpKin GF Cookies!!


I have this love for baking but since I’m in prep and gluten intolerant I have to be creative with my recipes. Its always like an experiment and I use my husband as my guinea pig! Which i know he doesn’t mind! Since its the season for pumpkin and my ultimate favorite I decided to try and make gluten-free pumpkin cookies and they turned out delicious! here’s my recipe so you can give it a try.Read More »

My Sticky Balls! HA!

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Since I have to work out in the weee hours of the morning, because of work, I have to do my fasted cardio as well as my normal weight training. By the time I’m done with cardio, some days I feel completely drained and don’t necessarily get the best work out in after. I decided I needed a little “pick me up”after the fasted cardio, something I could take to the gym with me and consume fairly quickly. So I made this sticky proteins balls and they do just the trick. I take 1 or 2 to the gym depending on my macros for the day, but I have definitely noticed an improvement in my work outs. Read More »