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63c85e7e7f11e2a4982359bf551bd058Its been 4 weeks since my bikini competition and well I’ve lost control. I feel anxious and overwhelmed with where to go from here in my fitness goals. So, I finally sat down and accessed my current situation.

I want to continue to grow, get stronger and healthier. Forget about being a certain body fat percent or weigh a certain amount, which sounds easier said than done. For the longest time I’ve worked so hard to lose weight and have struggled. Not because I eat crappy food or because I cheat on my diet all the time, or from lack of effort. Its all thanks to an uncooperative thyroid and an autoimmune disease I didn’t know I had.Read More »


Sharing for Inspiration

IMG_4249Yesterday I decided to share my story on a Facebook Hashimotos support group. I was filled with joy from all the nice and encouraging comments from the ladies of this group. I wanted to share my story with them to encourage them not to give up on their battles with weight and fighting this disease in general. Little did I know that I would be shamed for ONLY losing 10lbs. I know for every 10 people who are positive on social media there are 5 who are complete assholes. But I brushed it off, because my journey has been hard and I have fought with every once of my body to get to where I am today. Read More »

3 steps forward, 1/2 a step back…

3 months ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I thought it was the end of the world as I knew it. Everything I read was negative, depressing and heartbreaking. then I found Dr. Wentz’s book( Lifestyle Interventions for finding and treating the root cause) and that gave me some hope of putting my condition to remission.

I started out by cutting gluten, dairy and soy from my diet. Let me tell you this wasn’t easy at all. I stuck with no gluten and dairy but avoiding soy was a little more difficult.Read More »

Weight loss with Hashimoto’s


At the beginning of 2015 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and assumed my weight gain was caused by my slow thyroid. Well, after taking the thyroid hormone (levothyroxine) medications for almost 6 months and not feeling any better, I went to see a specialist who diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Learning about this disease was overwhelming but answered many of my symptoms. The most important one was my weight gain.Read More »

Looking back

Sometimes it’s difficult being the one who pushes hard daily in the gym and in the kitchen without results. Doing the work with out the pay out can become frustrating and cause you to want to give up. Our body’s are so complex and although you think your doing everything right, you may never get the results you desire unless you find out what’s going on inside your body.

This is what happened to me. Being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism was tough but being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease has been even harder. There’s days where I just want to give up, stop trying to loose the body fat I gained, stop eating healthy and quit the morning cardio! Then I remember I’ve gotten so far from where I started, and I refuse give up now!


I’m stronger then this disease, I’m stronger then I’ve ever been and there’s people out there with worse obstacles then this. I have a wonderful husband who supports me and loves me and the bestest friend who reminds me daily that I’m awesome!


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11 weeks to today!



Every time I want to give up I look back at where I use to be and realize how far I’ve come. I did this last night and was surprised by my progress. Although small, to me its significant. I’ve lost 3 lbs in the last 4 weeks and after being stuck for months I couldn’t be happier!

Whenever your stuck, feeling unmotivated and defeated no matter the reason, take a look back at where you started. You’ll be surprised at the progress you’ve made! Keep pushing forward! Don’t give up!


Mrs. Fitz

Opening the door

After a long day yesterday my fatigue and anxiety caught up to me today. I made an effort to try not to notice it and hit the gym as always. I adjusted my workout to prevent myself from becoming completely exhausted. Instead of my usual back work out, I only did about half focusing on form and higher reps.

Doing research to learn more about Hashimoto’s disease has been my main focus the past 3 weeks. Today I found the most amazing doctor, her name is Dr.Izabella Wentz and she too was diagnosed with this same disease at the same age as me. So far I’ve read a few of her articles and feel the anxiety subsiding as I learn more and more.  It was all so informational that I purchased her book and I can’t wait for it to get here. I want to do everything in my power to beat this disease, I refuse to believe all I can do is merely treat my hypothyroidism symptoms and hope for the best, meanwhile my thyroid is destroyed by my own body.

As the day comes to an end I feel the weight coming off my shoulders, the result of my husbands kind words and my best friends encouragements!

Here is Dr.Wentz webpage in case anyone is interested! http://www.thyroidpharmacist.com