I’ve been putting off writing this page because Its not easy for me to speak about myself, I focus on others and tend to think there isn’t anything special about me. That was until recently when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease along with Hypothyroidism. This doesn’t actually make me special, but I decided that my journey does.


I’m 26, Colombian and recently married the man of my dreams, my best friend and soul mate. I have been on my fitness journey for 4 years and haven’t made much progress, no thanks to a slow thyroid and a disease I didn’t know I had. Now that I know what I’m facing, I’m here to inspire others like me while I figure out how to be successful at healing myself along the way.

I want to stay healthy, fun and loving for the rest of my life and not let this disease completely destroy my thyroid or happiness.

1070038_592087554148058_749927949_nMore about me: I love, love, love animals! Specially whales and cows! I hope to someday see the whales up close in the wild (definitely not at sea world or any facility like it) and someday I will own my own cow and hug her everyday! For now I have 2 dogs, and one possible ninja cat that I hug when I can catch him.

I also love to bake and experiment with various recipes to make them healthy, and I’ll be posting them so you can try them too! My last love is weight lifting. I enjoy it even more on bad, horrible days. Its my de-stressor, my therapy and anyone who thinks girls who lift get “bulky” is wrong. I have gained confidence and have been able to keep the weight off because of it. I have built muscle and become stronger then I’ve ever been my entire life. Now I can hug our 80lb dog!

I hope my Froggy brain inspires and motivates some of you to follow your dreams as well.

Until next time,

Mrs. Fitz



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