Surviving the Holidays


Making it through the holidays without losing all the progress you’ve made through the past months can be difficult. We are surrounded by cookies, cakes, candy and all kinds of delicious treats from co-workers to family members. I won’t lie it is hard not to indulge in these tempting treats, so here is a few tips to help you make smart choices.


If you really REALLY want that holiday cookie and just can’t live without trying it, go ahead have it, but add an extra set to your work out routine or an extra 10 minutes to your cardio. This way you put that cookies calories to work, instead of storing it as unwanted fat.

Be prepared:

Sometimes we make bad food choices because we aren’t prepared for our day. Always have a plan for your meals, and snacks. Also if you by chance forget, many grocery stores have healthier options than your typical fast food restaurants.

Today, I forgot one of my snacks and I knew that if I didn’t bring something with me to work I would choose candy, cookies at work because that’s all that is available. Instead, I stopped at the local store and found cucumber slices for only $1.99 !

Train before :

If you know you’re going to have a big feast for your holiday meal with family, train before you go. This way your muscles will be glycogen depleted and you can replenish them with delicious food! You wont feel guilty and the food with go to good use to build stronger muscles.

Cardio :

Don’t skip your cardio! This is not the week to be lenient on your cardio routine. If you have been doing your cardio 4x a week or 3x a week, you NEED to continue doing it to keep your metabolism going, and burning the same amount of calories through the holidays. Don’t make excuses to skip it!


Try not to stress! Unfortunately stress is one of our worse enemies, specially on women. When we stress out, our cortisol levels rise, which causes increased appetite, and then tend to consume delicious treats as a way to cope. If you can’t avoid stressing then make sure you carry some cucumbers, maybe with peanut butter, as a healthy option to your cravings.

Remember to enjoy the time you have with family, and to not stress about the small things. It’s going to be a new year and a new you. So keep going and don’t let Santa sabotage your goals!

Mrs. Fitz







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