Just Breath

63c85e7e7f11e2a4982359bf551bd058Its been 4 weeks since my bikini competition and well I’ve lost control. I feel anxious and overwhelmed with where to go from here in my fitness goals. So, I finally sat down and accessed my current situation.

I want to continue to grow, get stronger and healthier. Forget about being a certain body fat percent or weigh a certain amount, which sounds easier said than done. For the longest time I’ve worked so hard to lose weight and have struggled. Not because I eat crappy food or because I cheat on my diet all the time, or from lack of effort. Its all thanks to an uncooperative thyroid and an autoimmune disease I didn’t know I had.

OCB112115AZa_1416For years I’ve tried to get healthier and feel better about myself. After losing some weight FINALLY, I feel like the last 4 weeks I have ruined all my hard progress. The holidays, vacation and not having a structured plan have left me anxious and I haven’t been making the smartest food decisions. Indulging in gluten has probably been the worst thing I’ve done. I told myself a little bit is ok…well I was lying to myself, making excuses. I’m only human and being gluten free is NOT a choice I love but its what’s best for my health. Its not a trend I’m following, its not to be cool and hip, it literally makes me sick and my intestines swell causing me to feel like one of those inflatable car dealership tube guys !

I’m not going to wait until after the holidays to start my new plan or clean my nutrition again. I wrote a new work out plan with the help of my husband and we are going to focus on growing my upper body strength. I’m excited to see what I can do next year. As far as my nutrition, no more gluten, dairy or soy! No more excuses! Now all that’s left is to just BREATH and execute my plan.


Mrs. Fitz


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