The Struggle

07fa532dac913895debd1211c79bc254During my prep for my bikini competition, I swore I’d have a plan for after the competition to slowly get back to normal. I never actually realized how hard it was going to be to get back in the groove. After 4 months of low macros and 6-7 day works outs, all my brain wants to do is sleep and eat everything.

I mean, I never starved myself during my competition prep, I ate smart and clean, towards the end I filled myself with mostly veggies and chicken so Its not like I was going to bed hungry but my brain feels otherwise. Right after my competition we went on a weeks vacation to spend thanksgiving with family in KY, I tried to eat clean but failed miserably. I did however, hit the gym 3 times while I was there to keep my metabolism going and not blow up like a balloon.

My biggest mistake was giving into gluten…I know it’s what turned my last 2 weeks upside down and has made me feel like poop, but it was incredibly hard to say no. I’ve only been gluten free for 6-9 months so the temptation is still there. During my prep it was easy to say no and convince myself that I didn’t need it because I knew the consequences would affect my physical progress and my health, but after the show was over it was open season on Oreos and pizza. I lost control for 2 weeks but I’m only human, and now I knowΒ AGAIN that I just cant have gluten.

Now I’m trying my hardest to get back to normal and hopefully I got all my cravings out of my system. I just need a balance and most of all to get my brain back to normal, where its ok to eat a gluten free donut after a massive leg day and cardio session and not feel guilty after. My plan is to continue cardio for 4 days a week at 30 minutes and lift weights 5-6 days. I want to focus on growing my back/shoulders and triceps and get my strength back. So far I’ve been enjoying going to the gym again and lifting heavy. It was starting to become a job and dreaded going because I was so tired.


Todays work out: Quads and Glutes, no cardio

  1. Hack squats x 4, 90lbs x10 140lbs x8 160lbs x7 (2) 140lbs x10
  2. Gobble squats 20 (25lbs) Β supersetted Jump squats 10 ( 3 sets)
  3. Leg extensions x4, 85lbs x10 95lbs x8 (3)
  4. Abduction x4 55lbs x25 (4)

Mrs. Fitz





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