Competition Recap!


12294801_1008171922539617_5496091866832346113_nIts been almost 2 weeks since my first OCB bikini competition, and I’m finally back to my normal routine. Had a mini vacation for thanksgiving  right after my show, so I hadn’t had time to sit down and write and reflect on my experience.

Saturday was the most exciting and nerve wracking day of my life thus far. Since my show was in Tucson, we had to drive down Friday night to check in and take my polygraph test. Not all federations require polygraph testing, but the OCB does, because its an all natural federation. They also test the 1st place winners at the show, right after they walk of stage.

image1My Saturday began at 4am so I could go get in line for hair and make up and beat the rush of girls. I ate a small breakfast because I was so nervous and my stomach tends to retaliate when I’m nervous, I didn’t want to take any chances. When I got there, there was already girls in line, big surprise to me as they said they wouldn’t start until a certain time. Lesson learned, always be early if there is no set appointment time. At first I hated my hair, but once I made it back to my hotel room my husband reaction made me realize how beautiful I looked. Trust the hair/make up artist ladies, they usually know what they are doing, but always have a back up plan just in case. You worked so hard during prep for your make up and hair to ruin your “total package”.

image3After the morning hecticness, it’s all a blurr. There was lots of waiting around because bikini is always the last category, and what was supposed to be a small show, turned into an 88 competitor mad house. Needless to say time went by very slow, luckily I convinced my new friend Jessica to do this competition with me, so we kept each other company. Having her by my side helped tremendously, I wasn’t focused on being on stage in my tiny bikini for the whole 10 hours I was backstage, she distracted me and made my experience much more enjoyable.

image1 (2)Having my husband be my coach allowed him backstage he helped me pump up my tiny shoulders, apply last minute touches and run through my posing to get the gitters out. The best part was he helped me get in the right mindset, stay positive and not focus on how leaner the other girls were, or what color their suits were, or any of that non-sense that runs through your head during a competition. I was confident and proud of myself because of him.

The hours and hours of posing practice completely paid off, I was able to pose without my nerves getting in the way, I knew my steps and I think I did a good job. I was so beyond nervous to step out by myself for the T-walk routine but before I knew it was my turn, I had to step out and just do it. Hearing my family and friends cheer me on, gave me a huge boost of energy and confidence and before I knew it was over. After this, they presented awards and although I didn’t get first call outs, I tried to stay positive. I thought the competition was really good, there was 11-12 girls on both my categories. I though to myself “I did it”, I finished a 16 week prep with an Autoimmune disease that at times felt like I was going to collapse, I kept pushing forward because I was determined to get on that stage and prove to my Autoimmune disease that it couldn’t stop me from what I wanted.

OCB112115AZa_1426This week I found out the results of the whole show, and I placed 6th in Bikini Novice and 9th in Bikini Open!! I was overwhelmed with emotions when I read my name. I always thought I was crazy for doing this competition, for trying to be an athlete, for putting myself on a stage with other girls who I think are flawless, but seeing my name there in that 6th spot made it all worth it. I couldn’t be more proud of my placement at my first bikini competition. Will I do another one? I’m not sure, for now I just want to enjoy some time off and the holidays.

Mrs. Fitz





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