In my Kitchen 2

Eating during prep was easy at first now its getting difficult, Only because I’m tired of missing potato’s, bread and the occasional donut. I have to make my meals as exciting as possible so here’s what I’ve been eating.

IMG_3550This was one of my favorites, I made turkey meat balls from 99/1 Jennio ground turkey. Flavored them with Chipotle spice and that’s it. I lay it all on a bed of shredded lettuce as a filler. add some color with yellow peppers and mini tomato’s and it was filling.

Another option but with chicken and added almonds to meet my fat macros.


I tried to switch things up with my quest GF pancake! there is hardly any carbs in this (ReCIPE -> I had this on my mini reefed day so I added the bananas for some carbs that I was aloud.


Another DELICIOUS dinner, 3 egg whites, green beans, 99/1 ground turkey balls and sugar free ketchup for flava!





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