4 1/2 weeks out!


Unbelievable how fast time has gone! It feels like just yesterday I was 12 weeks out from my first bikini competition. I’m nervous, excited, ready, not ready and anxious. But I keep reminding myself why I’m doing this. I’m doing it for me, to prove to myself that I can’t, and won’t let my autoimmune disease beat me, or dictate my life.

Since I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis I had a hard time dealing with it, I tried so hard to stay positive but all the information, stories and facts I found about this autoimmune disease are so negative, depressing and sometimes contradicting. I was convinced it was the end of my future with fitness, hopelessly trying to lose body fat for years and feel good about myself was an everyday battle for me. Little did I know it all had to do with my thyroid and some angry anti-bodies who decided I am my own enemy.

I’ve been working hard the past 8 weeks and have seen progress, although its small, and I’m not shredded like most bikini girls…I have improved, which is all I wanted. My body fat has gone down and I have gained muscle and lost lbs on the scale. I’m giving all I got to get to my finish line and with only 4 weeks to go, there’s no way I’m giving up now. I feel like I’m running out of steam but then I think about why am doing this and get a second wind.

As of now everything is scheduled for my big day, tan, make up and hair and hotel room are booked! Which makes it all that more real. My bikini arrived and its beautiful! All that’s left to do is practice my posing as much as I can, and lean out a little more. I’m hoping my body lets me lose a little bit more fat before then. Either way I know in my heart I gave it everything I could. 110% !


Mrs. Fitz



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