GF Quest Pancake! Low-Carb


Week 6 of prep has been rough and for the first time I started craving things I normally wouldn’t eat like CHEESEBURGERS! anyone who knows me knows I hate cheese burgers, I basically take them apart and would eat the bun separate from the meat, but for some reason a cheese burger with French fries sounds freaking delicious! ever since I went GF I haven’t had one and the low carb days must be getting to my brain! so yesterday I decided I was going to have a pancake and I was going to find a way to make a NO CARB one taste delicious. SUCCESSS thanks to Quest nutrition delicious protein powders.


We went to Europa expo in Phoenix and Olympia in Vegas and got tons of samples from Quest. So I took one sample packet of Quest Banana cream protein, which one scoop if you have the big jar, mixed it with 1 tsp of baking powder, 1 whole egg and 1 egg white. Mix it a bowl for at least 3-5 minutes with a spoon, until the batter is smooth. Pour on your skillet (heat up to 350) and flip after 5 minutes, should be golden on each side. BOOM enjoy delicious no carb/gluten free pancake!


Macros: 31 Protein, 5 fat and 3 carbs!!!


Mrs. Fitz


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