9 weeks out!

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7 Weeks apart

Only 9 weeks out now! I cant believe how fast time is going, I’m excited one minute and then the next I panic because I feel like I have so much more body fat to lose. I know its a slow process for me, since I have this autoimmune disease I can’t just attack my body with every force I know to make it lose the fat ( I tried that before and only made it so far, then got stuck). I have to slowly melt it away, which is just so frustrating. But on the bright side its definitely working. I see the difference in my legs, thighs area.

Processed with Moldiv
start of prep till now!

This past weekend was the Olympia Expo, which my husband and I have been going to for the past 3 years, and we couldn’t pass it up just because I was on prep. Plus, what better way to stay on task and motivated than by meeting your favorite athletes and fitness companies. So, we headed to Vegas on Thursday. Like a OCD freak that I am, I prepped a ton of food to take with me so I wouldn’t go off my nutrition plan. My plan totally worked!! I got up and hit the gym and did my morning work outs and stayed on track with my meals. There definitely was some indulging in protein bar samples and quest protein shakes but a little protein never hurt anyone !

IMG_2493It was so worth it to go, if you’ve never been I suggest you go to one these events. Fitness companies offer good discounts on their products and give out tons of free samples, in hopes that you’ll purchase their products later or even the next day.

This year I was able to sample Buff Bake peanut butters and loved them so much I bought 3 jars. They have awesome flavors like chocolate chip and red velvet ! They are amazing! I found Isolator Fitness, they carry prep meal bags, meaning an awesome lunch box that holds 4-5meals! Perfect for my long days at work. I currently have a 6pac purse which I love but once I fill it with gym clothes, make up, ipad, 4 meals and ice packs…it weights a ton! So I needed something smaller. we also found this clothing company Flex Comics, AMAZING! They have a great selection of tanks and tshirts for women and men.

Here’s where you can find these products if your curious!




Coming back from mini vacation wasn’t easy, just because being surrounded by fitness people is amazing and so motivating, then you come back to work, home, traffic, schedule, being on time and its kind of a bummer. Everyday I cram 30 mins of fasted cardio and about an hour of weights, breakfast for 3 pets and potty breaks and getting ready all before work is super stressful. Today I managed it all in good time then left home without one of my meals so I detour to the store to pick up hard boiled eggs before work. There’s no way I’m missing a meal while being low carb, someone could get hurt.

Staying motivated this week is going to be tough but I’m determined to get to my end goal, I just want to step on stage knowing I did everything I could to get there. Fighting Hashimotos isn’t easy but I’m not going to let it define me. I’ll also be ordering my BIKINI this week! so freaking excited, its going to take 5 weeks for it to be shipped to me since its custom. so that will keep my drive up since its going to be an itsy bitsy bikini.

Staying focused!

Mrs. Fitz


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