10 weeks out

8eb82022c914d6f2c5c3763f5bad2cceThis week started out super easy, but as I hit the low carbs days, I started to feel tired and super sore. I made it through though. Fought really hard to get out of bed this morning and took me about 30 minutes to will myself up, get dressed and to the gym for fasted cardio and leg day, but I made it!

I’m seeing results, my body is responding well to my trainers (hubby) works outs and nutrition plan. I’m feeling positive today that I CAN do this. I’m doing everything right. No cheating, the rest is up to my body, and thyroid. Staying gluten free is definitely part of the key to my health. I don’t think I’ll ever go back, I wont risk feeling awful and bloated, and forcing my body to attack itself because I had a craving for Oreos. Although I do wish Nabisco would get with the Gluten free program and make some delicious cookies!

As of tomorrow I will be 10 weeks out from my first bikini competition and I couldn’t be more excited. I tried to compete a few months ago but my body wasn’t ready. I had recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis ( an autoimmune disease that attacks your body) and I was still trying to get my health in check while trying to prep for my competition. My body was not ready and it had a meltdown. I decided to get my health in check first, then compete. It was heart breaking. I convinced myself that I was never going to be able to lose the weight due to my condition, get rid of the awful fatigue or foggy brain, along with all the other symptoms. After going through a rough few months my husband and I decided it was time to try again. I’m feeling much better this prep. Not fatigued all the time, only when I’m done with fasted cardio or a long day, which is ” normal people tired”.

I started posing practice again this week and I can see the difference from this prep to the last time. There are new cuts in my legs and more muscle definition which makes me jump for joy! The hardest part for me to lose body fat is on my legs and booty. I know they will be the last to go, but I see it happening slowly. I just keep telling myself this is my best chance to get my body where I want it to, my progress may not be as quick as other fitness girls but its happening. Plus I feel like a badass chasing after this dream with what feels like a 45lb plate attached to my waist holding me back.

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Feeling Determined this week! Ready for what’s next!



4 thoughts on “10 weeks out

    • thank you! so far so good, this week has been rough and I feel drained but I think its mostly coming down from the reefed day that drains me. I’m keeping my blog updated every week to help others like me and keep myself motivated.


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