12 weeks out


This week was rough! Unfortunately, I experience the most awful cycles because of my Hashimotos, and Monday was the beginning of my hell. I did however fight the awful pain ( I have to take Vicoden, that’s how bad it is) and made it to the gym for my fasted cardio at 4:30am. I decided I am not going to let anything stop me from reaching my goal in 12 weeks. So, I fought through it hit my 300calories burned and went straight home, back to bed, and curled up into a tiny ball!

I did miss work but stayed on track with my macros for the day, which wasn’t easy! I have to say being gluten-free helps a lot because I can’t just go to the convenience store and get all the goodies I’m craving. Since I can’t have gluten and everything I crave says “Contains Wheat, milk, soy ingredients” as soon as I read that my craving disappears. I did get some Skinny Popcorn GF and made it fit my macros for the day, which is why I love IIFYM ( Flexible dieting ). As for sweets, I used chocolate crunch flavor  rice cakes (GF) and also made a tiny cake out of chocolate protein powder using 1 egg, then microwave for like 30 seconds, and BOOM tiny cake! Serve with PB on top and bye-bye sweet tooth!

image2As for my work outs I skipped leg day on Monday because there was no way I was leaving my bed. But by Wednesday I was feeling better so I hit legs after my cardio. This week my coach added one more day of fasted cardio which puts me at 5 days a week, taking Today (Thursday)and Sunday off! I’m hoping to continue making progress with as little cardio as possible, but I know that will only last for so long. We’ll have to add more in as we get closer but that’s ok, I’m ready!

I’m really excited to get to November, and hopefully loose a lot of body fat by then, because I know underneath it all is a ton of muscle I’ve been building for years! I have moments of doubt when my brain questions my body, and if my Autoimmune disease is going to let me lose the fat, but I know I’m doing everything I can without putting my health at risk. Having my best friends support and my husband/coach by my side helps me stay positive. I definitely couldn’t do this without them.

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Mrs. Fitz


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