GF Strawberry Pancake

strpank 1    banpk 1

This weekend I experimented with oats, eggs and protein powder to make a delicious pancake, because who doesn’t love pancakes? I’ve tried some GF pancake mixes and they are just awful, which is why I had to try and make my own. Luckily I was successful after only 2 tries. Here’s what I came up with:

GF Strawberry Pancake


1 scoop (34g) Cellucor Strawberry Milkshake Protein powder

1/2 cup Bobs Redmill Gluten free Oats

1tsp Baking powder

3 egg whites

strpankFirst mix all of your ingredients in a blender or food processor. I used my Nutribullet to mix all my ingredients and turn it into a batter. Next pour it on a skillet, wait until the first side is crispy, then flip it over, and wait until that side is crispy as well. That’s it!

The macros came out to 36 Carbs, 47 protein and 4 fat.

395 Calories total.


Mrs. Fitz


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