Low Carb and Delicious!

image1This has to be one of my favorite low carb dinners, It’s spaghetti squash with grilled chicken, and I top it with SALSA! because salsa makes everything 100 times better! This meal takes about 20-30 minutes to make, but only because depending on the size of your squash you have to cook it longer to get all the squash out (I don’t like to waste any food).

To start you need to stab your squash all around with a knife to let the air out, so it doesn’t explode in the microwave. Yes, I cook mine in the microwave because we live inΒ Arizona and its like a million degrees so who wants to use their oven? not me! Next,Β  put your squash in a large bowl and fill it with water, it should cover more then half of your squash. Next, microwave for 5 minutes then rotate your squash, then repeat about 4 times or until you can poke the squash with a fork and its soft on the outside.

image2Once its ready be very careful and drain the water, it will be boiling hot. Then cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds, you can keep them and bake them, but I just toss mine. Next use a fork and scrape out the squash into a bowl, it should look like spaghetti and be very stringy.

That’s all there’s to it! I measured 170 grams of the squash, added 5 oz of chicken and a little salsa and it all came out to 203 calories, 12g carbs, 3g fat and 32g protein!

Hope you enjoy!

Mrs. Fitz


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