Green pepper meat bowls!

Sometimes I get tired of eating the same thing every night for dinner., unlike my husband who could eat the same thing chicken and broccoli everyday. Last night I decided to make these little pepper bowls I saw somewhere. The prep time was probably 5 minutes and cooking time 20 minutes at most.


The nutritional facts will be different, depending on how much meat you use and rice. Mine were 189 calories per bowl. 13 carbs, 7 fat and 18 protein.

Here’s my recipe:

5oz of ground beef 93/7

2 green peppers

70 grams of jasmine rice

28 grams Pepper jack shredded cheese

First cook the ground beef in a pan until it’s only a little pink in the middle and season with your favorite seasoning. I used barbecue flavor! While the meat cooks, you can get the bowls ready for baking. Cut the tops off and carefully cut out the insides too, creating a small bowl. I measured out 30 grams of rice for one of my smaller peppers and then 40 grams for the other.


Once the meat is ready I weight out 5oz and dived it between my 2 bowls. Last I topped them off with 28 grams of shredded Pepper Jack cheese split into two bowls and baked them in my oven for 10-15 minutes at 300 degrees. Let them cool for about 3 minutes so you don’t get burnt!


Mrs. Fitz



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