The time is now!

Yesterday I decided that I’m ready to go after my biggest goal. I’ve been wanting to compete in a bikini competition for some time. I thought I could do it 3 months ago, but then was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis and after pushing my body for 4 weeks, I stalled and broke down emotionally. It wasn’t the right time for my body or my mind. I had to get my body healthy and my hormones back to normal.

It’s been 3 months and I’m feeling better and better everyday. Cutting gluten and dairy from my diet has helped tremendously. I have lost some weight, the fogginess has subsided and I’m not as moody anymore, which my husband noticed first! I’m having labs done in a few weeks to see if my thyroid has improved and my antibodies have dropped. I’m hoping to have dropped from 400 TPOs to at least 250 that would bring me much closer to being in “remission” which is under 100. According to Dr. Izabella Wentz book “Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause”, It used to be believed that once the autoimmune process had been triggered it was irreversible. But it has been shown that through removing the triggers like stress, gluten, soy the autoimmune process CAN be stopped! The triggers are different for everyone, and finding out what yours are, is the hardest part. I’ve learned so much by researching and reading anything Dr. Wentz has put out. She is amazing and I definitely encourage anyone with hypothyroidism or Hashimotos to take a look at her blog, book, or Facebook.

dbfbd9e1c0b84ee8bebdd0adf361ac88This disease is not going to stop me from doing the things I want to do. Now that I understand how it works, how it attacks me and what the results are of what I eat, I’m prepared to do a 19 week prep for a bikini show. Usually, most competitors do 12 week preps or even 10 weeks, but I’m taking it slow and steady so my body responds in a positive way. I’m doing this for me, I don’t want to let this disease hold me back. I want to get up there a strut my stuff and be proud of myself knowing that I did it all by myself. No tricks. No shortcuts. And all while fighting Hashimotos!

I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated on my progress!

Mrs. Fitz

Dr. Wentz Webpage


2 thoughts on “The time is now!

  1. Love the way you “fight” for what you want Froggy! Now you have a goal and a reasonable one, there’s no doubt you will get this done and be happy along the way.

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