Healthy eating is NOT Boring!

A lot of people think healthy eating is boring or consists of just salads and chicken, well they are wrong! Following Flexible dieting allows me to eat whatever I want as long as it fits my macros. Now I’m not saying I eat pizza and donuts all day and stay fit, because that’s crazy and taking it to an extreme, but I do indulge in a cookie or gluten free pizza every now and then. Moderation is the key!

Here are some gluten free meals I’ve madeย to help you get ideas!

IMG_1006DINNER: 7 oz of grilled pork chop, 40 gram baked potato and green beans/corn/red and green pepper stir fried topped with shredded pepper jackย cheese. DELICIOUS!

image5DINNER: 4oz ground turkey meatballs , 150 grams spaghetti squash topped with Salsa. Delicious!

image1BREAKFAST : 2 Servings egg beaters, 2 servings egg whites, 2 slices of gluten free raisin bread and 2 slices of turkey bacon! YUMMY!

image3LUNCH: 4 oz of grilled chicken, 81grams of green beans and 40grams of diced carrots with 1 whole Roma tomato!


DESSERT: My favorite! and own personal recipe of Mini coco protein muffins! (recipe in my blog)


Mrs. Fitz


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