I said it before and I’ll say it again, “We are our own worst critics!” We tear ourselves apart for no reason other than we THINK we look bad, but our self-image is completely skewed. Do not compare yourself to others, you don’t have the same body type or obstacles to overcome. Nobody is born perfect, and even those who may look perfect in your eyes see themselves as flawed in one way or another.


Confidence is the best medicine to becoming a happier and healthier version of you. Nothing holds you back more then your own insecurities.Β I can honestly say this is one of my biggest weakness. I tend to focus on my flaws more so then my strengths, and then I start to feel like I’m not good enough.Β Which is just plain ridiculous! I’m good enough for my husband, my friends, and my family so why not myself? I have decided to stop picking myself apart and look at my strengths. Everyday that passes I feel better and better about myself and my body.

Recently I decided to do a fitness photo shoot with my husband to help with my confidence, and remember how hard I’ve worked for my progress. The results were amazing! I feel like that girl in the pictures isn’t me, but it is! And I’m proud of my accomplishments!


So next time you think or feel like you look bad, you’re not good enough, or have any negative thoughts about yourself, just remember that you’re not the person you use to be, and focus on how far you’ve come!

Mrs. Fitz



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