My inspiration!

I feel like inspiration is hard to find now days, even though we are surrounded but motivational fitness memes and daily reminders by athletes on social media. I think sometimes they tend to hinder our motivation more then helping us continue our fitness journeys. They just seem unrealistic for the average person to accomplish with a full time job, family to take care of and without the help of special “supplements”.

This is why looking for inspiration in someone who’s close to you is much better. Having a realistic goal and someone who has achieved it near by, is much more motivating to me. My inspiration is my husband, sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing man by my side. He is a certified personal trainer and has taught me everything I know about fitness. There is days where I don’t want to work out, eat well or continue pushing for my goals. Either because I feel like poop from my Hashimotos draining the life out of me, or just because I have been doing this for so long without immense results.


But then I look at my hubby and remember how far he’s come in life and how dedicated he is to fitness and the lifestyle itself and realize I cant give up! Recently he competed in a men’s physique bodybuilding competition and placed 3rd. He put a good 4-6 months of preparation time before the competition and didn’t steer away from his plan at all. I’m so proud of him and just amazed at his transformation not just physically but mentally as well.

So when you need inspiration look for a friend or relative to help motivate you, not some fitness meme or athlete that you don’t even know.

Mrs. Fitz


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