This weekend was my fitness photo shoot along with my husband’s. We decided to do one together as he is competing in a bodybuilding competition in less then a week. I decided it would be good for me to do it as well, to have a goal to reach, and to be able to look back and say “look how good I looked, healthy and happy”. It was extremely good for my self-esteem as I felt beautiful that day, with the help of my best friend who did my make up, I was on top of the world!

When the photographer gave me a sneak peak of some of the shots I started to doubt how good I looked. I picked myself apart in minutes and felt horrible. Turns out, we are our own worst critics. When I showed my bestie the pictures she was amazed at how beautiful I looked and was speechless. I almost didn’t believe her, but she tends to be brutally honest so it must be true!

bc99ad4dc35be1d9bcc8239bd94a684cI think part of the problem is how I always say “don’t compare yourself to others”, but that’s easier said then done. It is like a daily battle for women to NOT to compare themselves to others, when we are surrounded my social media, television and countless advertisements of supermodels telling us to look a certain way. Even the fitness magazines that are meant to motivate you and inspire you send the message that to be healthy and beautiful you must be 10% body fat and have breast implants. With articles like ” How to lose that belly fat in 4 weeks” and “Foods to avoid to be bikini ready”; how are women supposed to become healthy the right way, or feel good about themselves?

So ladies, I encourage you to take pictures of yourself, or even do a photo shoot of some sort! Embrace every curb and really point out the things you love about yourself. Try NOT to focus on what you think are flaws, because many times your “flaws” are what another women want. Focus on how far you’ve come in your journey to being healthier, not how many lbs you’ve lost. Focus on how much stronger you are now then before whether in the kitchen or in the gym. Strive for progress not perfection!


Mrs. Fitz


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