Don’t be fooled!

I see a lot of before and after pictures on social media advertising supplements, teas, and workout videos. Don’t be fooled! Some of look amazing but its all lighting and posing tricks.

Processed with Moldiv
My before and after minutes apart today at 6 am!

How you pose for a photo makes a world of difference or else models wouldn’t get paid millions for their work. Taking photos in different clothes also makes you look slimmer as well, even if you’re in undies and a bra, it still makes a difference. Your posture plays a huge role too. If you stand tall and suck in your abs, you’ll look much thinner than if you flex your abs and slouch a little.

Companies also use social media to convince you their product works quicker then anything else by using these tactics. The worse part about it, is that they steal other peoples images to advertise their product, and the person who worked hard for their results has no idea! They try to make you believe that their product will give you the same results, but it wont! Without the proper nutrition and exercise you will only lose water weight and then gain all the weight back.

Please don’t be fooled, do your research! You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to lose weight. Learn to use proper nutrition and exercise to reach your goals.

Mrs. Fitz


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