My health comes first!

I recently decided that I won’t be competing in a bikini competition this year. Making this decision devastated me, as I worked so hard, but It’s best for my physical and mental health. I was pushing myself hard to make it to my deadline but progress stalled as I became overwhelmed with stress and emotions. After doing research on my condition I learned that stress is one of the highest harmful factors to my body, and one of the hardest to control.

I had to make a choice: continue to push my body to its limits while learning how to control stress and anxiety on my own, or take the finish line out of the picture and just live my life and try to heal my body. Obviously, I neededΒ to choose healing my body first before trying to reach my finish line. Sometimes the smarter decision is the hardest one to make, but in the end it pays off, or so I keep telling myself.

I have found out too that living a fit life isn’t always about competing in a fitness competition. It can be about making yourself the best you can, motivating someone else to start living this lifestyle, helping a friend with a healthy recipe or lose a few pounds for their special day. If I can inspire one person to become healthier and live longer then I don’t need to step on a stage in a tiny bikini…although one day I will!


Its about inspiring and motivating others like me not to give up!

Mrs. Fitz


2 thoughts on “My health comes first!

  1. It’s really awesome to hear such a healthy and wise perspective! It gets really hard to maintain the big picture in mind sometimes, so thank you for reminding us that life is a more of a marathon, not so much a sprint πŸ™‚

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