Plyo Leg Day

I have to say I hate cardio with a passion but it is a necessary evil. I try to do a plyometric leg day once a week. I love weight training but sometimes I like to switch it up and surprise my body. Our bodies adapt quickly to routine and that’s when we hit plateaus. Try incorporating different routines and exercises every week to your work outs to avoid plateaus and to keep it fun.

Plyometric training involves exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short time intervals. They usually involve jumping, repetitive bounding, and quick force production. They are ideal for people looking to increase muscular power, speed and strength. They also facilitate in weight loss, and define/tone your muscles. Plyometric exercises activate your whole body to do one movement, therefore they burn many calories in one single session which aids in weight loss.

I tend to enjoy these sessions because it takes less time, and I have to use every ounce of energy in me to complete each movement. This particular session was mostly on legs and glutes, which are also my favorite body parts to train.

As always, there is some risk to this type of training, and plyometric training needs to be limited as your joints and tendons will need time to fully recover.The repetitive jumping can cause stress on joints. Do not engage in this kind of training if you have joint conditions. And remember t check with your doctor first! Also, always warm up before performing any kind of exercise to prevent injuries.

So without further a due, Here’s the Plyo leg day I did yesterday! Give it a try, but remember to rest in between exercises for at least 60 seconds and try to stay hydrated.

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PLYO LEG DAY 05/13/15

Jump squats: Start in a squat position and jump up as high as you can.

Dipity lunges: most people know them as Bulgarian Split Squats, but I prefer to call them Dipity lunges because it makes me smile…and they are rough on the glutes and hamstrings. Start out by placing one foot on a step or bench then perform a lunge and as you go back up out of the lunge squeeze your glute.

plyo 4
Starting position for Dipity lunges. make sure on your way down your knee does not pass your toe.

Donkey kicks: start on hands and knees on a mat. One leg at a time bring knee in towards chest and extend all the way up in one motion. Once you are at the top make sure to squeeze your glute.

plyo 3
Squeeze your glute at the top of the exercise.

Reverse crunches: lie down on your back and place hands either on your sides with palms down or under your glutes. Your legs should be parallel in the starting position. Bring your legs up and torso in towards your chest and crunch your abs. This one is hard to explain or take pictures off alone, so check out the link for a better explanation.

Burpees: I like to perform these using a bosu ball, but you can do it with out one too. start in the plank position with your hands on the bosu ball. Bring your feet in quickly and jump up. From standing postion jump back down with hands on bosu ball and quickly move feet out to end in a plank position.

Processed with Moldiv
Top is starting position, Bottom is second position, followed by an explosive jump up!

enjoy! Don’t forget to drink water cause you’re going to need it! 🙂

Mrs. Fitz




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