My Secret Tips!

IMG_0019I’m not really sure where I read that apple sauce could improve the flavor and texture of my protein muffins but I decided to try it. I kept the recipe the same but added 1/2 cup of natural Motts Applesauce. Although the carbs are a bit high, it doesn’t matter because when you split it into at least 12 muffins, it turns out to be 4 carbs per muffins, which is great. My goal is to make low carb treats so that I can have more! It’s all about the quantity for me.


I also found these amazing gluten free buns at sprouts this weekend. I am a Jimmy Johns lover, but unfortunately their bread is not gluten-free. I was sad realizing I could never eat there again, but then I decided that wouldn’t stop me, I’d just make my own! They have about 25 carbs for the entire bun, which is fairly good. They also make ciabatta buns, 12 foot buns, Hamburger buns and Sliced bread loafs.

I toasted it and added, ham, roast beef, fat free mayo and some spinach and BOOM! Homemade Jimmy Johns! I also tried the ciabatta buns for a delicious breakfast sandwich, added egg whites, ham and spinach!


Give them a try! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

Mrs. Fitz


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