The Ninja in my stomach!

It’s no secret that when women get that lovely gift every month we tend to bloat and eat everything in sight. Sweets are my biggest cravings during this time, and I usually end up gaining at least 3 lbs, ruining all my progress I’ve made that week in only 3 days. My Symptoms tend to be worse then your average woman’s. I think its partially related to my condition. I’ve read some articles that suggest the growth of ovarian cysts are related to Hashimoto’s as well. My normal cramps are rather extreme due to the cysts, so I turn to food for comfort.


Well not this time! I am not letting the evil ninja in my stomach make me eat countless cookies and dark chocolate! I’m staying strong and eating healthy. Drowning the cravings in water has helped, I feel many times we crave something its from boredom or plain menstrual hormones, but you’re not in fact, hungry. This time I was smart, had snacks that I craved but adjusted my other meals to compensate for the overage. This is why I love flexible dieting so much! I was able to eat what I wanted in moderation and stayed closer to my normal weight.

I feel fantastic today and proud!

Mrs. Fitz

Processed with Moldiv
8 weeks to go!

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