Not a diet

I’ve been gluten free now for about 3 weeks and didn’t think I was going to see any difference since I was tested for sensitivities, and nothing was found. I didn’t want to remove gluten from my diet at first because it seemed like the new fad to lose weight, and my endocrinologist said I didn’t need too. After doing my own research I found out I should give it a try as it could help with my condition.  I also cut out dairy, as it was suggested in one of the many Hashimoto’s disease articles I’ve read. Turns out, I have noticed a difference! I feel less bloated, no stomach aches, no constipation and I have seen progress in my weight loss! I’m so grateful that I decided to make the changes to my diet and I hope I continue to see more results.

As much as I love cheese and yogurt I’m not going to derail from my new lifestyle. I’m not going to say I’m on a diet or label myself this way because I’m changing my life to make my goals a reality and stay healthy and fit.  Like most fit people I hate that term “on a diet”! It’s not a diet, I’m not limiting myself from certain foods because I’m afraid of weight gain! I’ve changed the way I eat for me, to help my body heal, and to get the proper nutrients to live a long healthy life. I’m not saying once in a while that I don’t eat chipotle, or eat out, but I try to make healthy decisions where ever I’m at, especially gluten free now.

I’ve decided to slow down on the pressure to compete this June as stressing about hitting new weight loss numbers was making my Hashimoto’s flair up. I’m still going to try to get there but, I’m not pushing as hard. I would love to hit that stage and be proud of my accomplishments but I won’t risk my health to do it.  Turns out, slow and steady will win the race for me!



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