“Your Life does not get better by chance, It gets better by change.”

I found this quote today and I couldn’t believe how right it was. Many times we complain about how we dislike this part of our lives, and we hate this part of our bodies or this situation we’re in. Meanwhile, we do nothing to change it, just keep complaining expecting it to change on its own.

Unfortunately its not that simple. If there is something you dislike about your life, body, work, etc.. you have to stop, assess, and make the change.


Fighting hypothyroidism hasn’t been easy, but I keep trying to be healthy and loose the weight I gained in the past. Finding out I have Hashimoto’s Disease meant I had to make the necessary changes in my life to continue to pursue my goals. I love ice cream and cheese but giving up dairy was a change I needed to make to make my body better, so I did it. even though I love, love, love Oreos! I had to give them up too because my body cant process gluten, effectively.

So far, the hardest change I’ve had to make is learning how to not push myself to the extreme during my training sessions. Turns out this is more harmful to my body than anything. I enjoy lifting heavy weights, it makes me feel strong, and lets be honest, like a bad-ass too! Who doesn’t enjoy feeling like Super Woman!

No matter what life throws at you, don’t give up and just live your life day to day being unhappy. Make the changes you need to, to succeeded and live a happy bad-ass life!

Mrs. Fitz


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