Healthy options

Eating healthy can be difficult at times, but I always try to find delicious healthy options to sooth my cravings. I have a sweet tooth like no other and get bored quickly, unlike my husband who can eat the same thing everyday. I try to have different snacks everyday in between meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack).

I’m convinced, eating clean doesn’t have to be boring or limiting!

Here are some of the Gluten-free, snacks I have found!

Processed with MoldivI love ice cream, but not the empty calories or artificial sweeteners . Artic Zero is also gluten-free and delicious!

foodAnother snack I’ve tried and have fallen in love with Quakers Rice Cakes (gluten-free) which are low in carbs and they have tons of flavors. The White Cheddar goes great with these Tuna Creations easy packets I found.

image1Recently I found this Multi-grain Crackers and they go just right with tuna, ham or Peanut butter. These are also Gluten- free and soy-free which I also read is a trigger for my disease.

Enjoy! I’ll keep you posted when I find more!

Mrs. Fitz


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