My weakness

This weekend was one of the most stressful ones thus far. After having a bad weigh in on Saturday morning, and promising myself I would not break down if I didn’t hit a new low, I was reminded by my husband that my life shouldn’t revolve around a number.

Processed with MoldivWe put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, it is ridiculous and harmful to our bodies. Society has painted a picture of what’s beautiful with photo shopped pictures of Victoria secret models and celebrities weight loss success stories that are just unrealistic. Meanwhile, women like me who are average decide they aren’t good enough and strive to be something almost impossible. I work hard in the gym and in the kitchen. I make overall good life choices but apparently its not enough.This disease holds me back and it is so frustrating, It consumes me.

With Hashimoto’s Disease the more I stress the worse I feel. But lets be real, who can control their stress? I would have to be an emotionless drone to not stress about something, which seems unrealistic to me. There are however things I can change and try to not focus so hard on; like my scale and weather I hit a new low each and every week. My body is different, It doesn’t respond like other people’s and I need to remember that!

Today is a new day, a new week, and I am moving forward on my journey. I wont let this disease kill my dreams but I also will keep in mind that I have it.

My goals are to slowly make progress and heal myself naturally, mentally and physically. I’ve decided that I’m going to try going gluten-free and try to avoid soy as much as possible. From the things I’ve read it seems these are high triggers for Hashimoto’s flair ups. It shouldn’t be too difficult as I eat pretty healthy already but I will be missing my precious raspberry Oreo’s.



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