Opening the door

After a long day yesterday my fatigue and anxiety caught up to me today. I made an effort to try not to notice it and hit the gym as always. I adjusted my workout to prevent myself from becoming completely exhausted. Instead of my usual back work out, I only did about half focusing on form and higher reps.

Doing research to learn more about Hashimoto’s disease has been my main focus the past 3 weeks. Today I found the most amazing doctor, her name is Dr.Izabella Wentz and she too was diagnosed with this same disease at the same age as me. So far I’ve read a few of her articles and feel the anxiety subsiding as I learn more and more. Β It was all so informational that I purchased her book and I can’t wait for it to get here. I want to do everything in my power to beat this disease, I refuse to believe all I can do is merely treat my hypothyroidism symptoms and hope for the best, meanwhile my thyroid is destroyed by my own body.

As the day comes to an end I feel the weight coming off my shoulders, the result of my husbands kind words and my best friends encouragements!

Here is Dr.Wentz webpage in case anyone is interested!Β




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